#13 – Harrison Weinstein, PhD – Getting Unstuck with Socratic Dialogue: Intensive Psychotherapy for PTSD

In this episode, Brian Curtis, PhD, DBSM speaks with Harrison Weinstein, PhD. Harrison is a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced training and specialization in the assessment and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder using evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Processing Therapy (PE) and Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE). Harrison is also a CPT Trainer and Consultant. Within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Harrison has served in the roles of evidence-based psychotherapy coordinator and section chief for the substance treatment and recovery (STAR) program. Harrison is one of the most skilled clinicians and one of the most genuine humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It was great to catch up with him and to have him walk us through one of his favorite clinical practices that’s central to his work treating PTSD.